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Midnight Brew - LIMITED EDITION 2024 Premium Chalk Paint

Midnight Brew - LIMITED EDITION 2024 Premium Chalk Paint


Autumn / Winter 2024 Limited Edition Colour


Immerse yourself in the luxurious depths of Midnight Brew, a refined blend  to create a beautiful reactive colour that ranges and reacts visually from a rich dark artisan brown to charcoal. Crafted with a meticulous balance of multiple pigments, this hue exudes a depth akin to rich black coffee or decadent dark chocolate, in  lower lights you will find a stunning complex brown based charcoal offering a sophisticated neutrality that's neither too warm nor too cool.

As light gracefully dances across its surface, Midnight Brew unveils its intricate complexity, delicately showcasing its underlying pigments. Offering darkness softened with sophistication, it stands as the perfect alternative for those craving depth without the starkness of black—a harmonious, earthy brown based charcoal adaptable to any space.

Whether adorning entire walls, accentuating statement furniture, or serving as an anchoring element in decor.Midnight Brew effortlessly imparts refined elegance to interiors.

Let Midnight Brew be the subtle yet striking signature of sophistication in your home's design narrative...

For further information: Premium Chalk Paint Information Sheet

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