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WELCOME! Are you a DIYer who loves painting furniture or wants to get started or maybe just hone some of the skills you have already?

You are excited by the elegance, the charm, the chance to transform an everyday item into something beautiful…but have no idea where to start or what the best things to use are?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was somewhere that had all the supplies and knowledge you need to get started?

Well there is... Paint Me Vintage is just the place you have been searching for.

What We Do…

My name is Carla and I love to paint furniture and to share what I know about my craft. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a drab old piece transformed into something utterly gorgeous with a bit of paint and know-how.

I give women like you the confidence to pick up a paint brush and simply get started during my furniture painting and craft workshops. I know the hesitation that you feel, that you are nervous about making a mistake and having to look at it in your beautiful home forever more!

But you don’t have to worry about that. I don’t simply stock paint tins on a shelf. I paint or craft every single day. That means I can help you overcome any problems that you may encounter and empower you with the knowledge of how to paint furniture the right way.

You can trust the products available here at Paint Me Vintage. That is because I only stock the things that I use and love. That way, I can give you 100% unbiased advice on how to achieve the decor look that you want.

All of the things you need to create beauty in your home, under one roof. Whether you need chalk paint, stencils, furniture transfers, moulds and embellishments, knobs, or the gorgeous decor items to complement your project, I have it in-store for you - along with a wealth of expert advice.

Paint Me A Story…

It all began when I moved into a beautiful old 1950s villa in the country. Being a dedicated townie, it was a shock to the system to find myself surrounded by green Bay of Plenty paddocks, a large unruly garden, some friendly chickens, a few sheep and a really ugly dark red Villa.

I knew that dark red had to go. The villa needed painting, and a lot of it! So I began by painting the walls and just didn’t stop. After I dealt with the red, I turned my attention to our furniture which was in desperate need of an update.

After researching online, I discovered the amazing products and results that people were achieving overseas. To create the stylish French Country look I wanted for our villa, it took many hours to source the stencils, knobs and paint I needed from overseas. Then the wait for them to arrive on our shores took even longer!

I knew I was not the only New Zealander passionate about creating unique and beautiful furniture pieces. I also knew I wasn’t the only New Zealander who disliked the torturous weeks waiting for my products to arrive so that I could get stuck into my project.

That was when the idea for Paint Me Vintage was born.

 We would love to meet you soon and help you create your own beautiful home !

Do you want to discover all our new products as soon as they hit the shelves, or find out when our upcoming craft and painting class dates are so you can learn some new skills in a fun and relaxed environment? Then simply sign up for our emails and I will send you free a tip sheet on finding furniture to paint and you will be the first to know about all our cool new stuff. here