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Botanic Ink - LIMITED EDITION 2024 Premium Chalk Paint

Botanic Ink - LIMITED EDITION 2024 Premium Chalk Paint


Autumn / Winter 2024 Limited Edition Colour


Crafted with meticulous care and blended using a palette of rich, diverse pigments, this shade boasts a profound depth achieved without the use of traditional black pigments. The result? A luscious, ink-like green imbued with captivating vibrancy & depth.

With undertones of different violets, reds and  blues interwoven, Botanic Ink is a dynamic colour, reacting sensitively to various lighting conditions and environments for a true Artisan living colour. In south-facing spaces, it unveils a deep, mesmerising ink green, while in north-facing rooms, its richness radiates and softens with vibrancy.

Infuse your interiors with the allure of Botanic Ink. Use it as a statement wall colour or on a statement piece of furniture to create a focal point that exudes luxurious sophistication and depth.

Pair it with neutral tones like creamy whites or soft greys, materials like marble,  rattan or natural wood tones to let this colour shine through, or juxtapose it with metallic accents like Indie Gold or Copper Rose for a touch of modern luxe elegance. 

Botanic Ink has been crafted to be a captivating and eye catching colour, with mesmerising depth strong enough to transform even the simplest of things into a statement through Artisan crafted colour. 

For further information: Premium Chalk Paint Information Sheet

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