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Scilla Portrait Paper for Decoupage A3

Scilla Portrait Paper for Decoupage A3


1 x large woven decoupage sheet suitable for decoupage particularly on flat surfaces

PLEASE CHECK sizing. Approx size unfolded 420mm x 300mm  roughly A3 paper size

Tips for application:
1. Clean and prepare your surface and ensure it is smooth for application
2. Use a cool dry iron setting or garment steamer to gently iron to remove any fold lines (optional)
3. Paint a base of natural or white underneath your paper as some of the papers are more see through than others, so painting a neutral base will help with transparency and showcase the true colours of the images.
4. Use with your favourite decoupage glue medium
5. Work in sections to adhere your paper and gently smooth your paper down using your hands, glad wrap or a brayer, ensuring no air bubbles or creases. Take your time and do a small section at a time.
6. Allow to dry completely
7. Once dry you can paint around the edges and over the paper to ensure a seamless look to your piece
8. Once satisfied , apply a topcoat of Artisan lacquer or good quality sealer over the top of the paper. 2-3 coats is recommended for protection.




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