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Crushed Graphite - Stone Effects |Paint Me Vintage|
Crushed Graphite - Stone Effects |Paint Me Vintage|

Crushed Graphite - Stone Effects



Colour Description :  Crushed Graphite is our darkest grey in the Artisan Stone Effects Range, creating instant chic. Ideal for a contemporary, modern, industrial look

Mixes and blends well with Elephant Dust and Black Truffle for a wide range of Stone Effects .

Moody and luxurious on walls creating with a luxe contemporary look and feel. Pairs beautifully with metallics and greenery. 

What is Artisan Stone Effects : A revolutionary new Artisan Product; proudly developed and made right here in NZ. Uniquely formulated from the ground up and designed for it's ease of use, strength and versatility in applications. It allows you to transform almost any surface into beautiful Artisanal Stone Effects.

Suitable for both indoors and outdoors, from decor, pots to walls; your limited only by your imagination. This water based product with low VOC's is best applied with our carefully selected Artisan Stone Effect tools or a Staalmeester  flat brush from our 2023 or 2010 range. Available in 4 carefully crafted Artisan colours loaded with rich pigments for that Artisanal quality & experience. 

Sizes and coverage: Approximately 16m2 per litre but highly dependent upon style of finished required. Available in a 1ltr tin and 4ltr tin size for projects.

Download the Artisan Product Data Sheet for more information by clicking on the image link below : 

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