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CECE Glaze Filter Noir Redesign with Prima
CECE Glaze Filter Noir Redesign with Prima

CECE Glaze Filter Noir Redesign with Prima


From the Redesign with Prima range. 1 x jar 4 oz. 118ml

Filter Noir Glaze: A wash of intense black Glaze to add an element of drama to your project.

Apply easy-to-use finishing Glazes to painted or stained, and sealed surfaces to create a dramatic finish. The Glaze will create shadows, and enhance the dimensional details of Décor Moulds®, trims, frames, mirrors, carvings, and ornamentation on nearly any project.

To Use: Start with a clean surface, free of debris. Make sure that any prior treatments such as paint, stain, stenciling, transfers, etc. have had sufficient time to properly dry. Finishing glaze works best on non-porous surfaces and those that have been sealed with a satin or gloss sheen.  Working in small sections at a time, coat the surface with glaze, using a brush or lint free cloth. Take special care to get Glaze in all of the details, or any ornamentation, by using a brush in a pouncing motion to reach nooks and crannies. Using a clean, dry, lint, free rag or old cotton T-shirt, wipe the excess glaze away from surfaces, allowing the glaze to stick in the details and crevices of the surface. Take care not to let the glaze dry while working by misting with water during the process. If it is drying too quickly, or is too intense for your liking, use a damp cloth or baby wipe to remove excess Glaze. Use clean parts of the towel for best results. By CeCe ReStyled® for Redesign with Prima®


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