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Autumn Rust - LIMITED EDITION 2024 Velvet Luxe

Autumn Rust - LIMITED EDITION 2024 Velvet Luxe


Autumn / Winter 2024 Limited Edition Colour


Infused & laden with a rich blend of multiple pigments, then adjusted and refined to create specific nuances in the colour, this carefully crafted colour embodies the beautiful hues found in a NZ autumn. The result is a stunning burnt orange that reacts dynamically to lighting, shifting and dancing from a burnt orange, crimson orange, a warm cinnamon orange, to a terracotta like orange  to a brown orange depending on lighting and its environment. When spread over a large surface, this colour reveals these captivating shades throughout the day.

Designed to mimic the range of shades and hues found in fallen, aged autumn leaves, theres a beautiful captivating depth and sophistication to Autumn Rust where we believe we've captured the essence of autumn with this colour .

Autumn Rust is a colour destined to elevate and transform any space into something unique with a grounding touch. It pairs beautifully with natural woods, rattans, natural stones, and textiles and provides a stunning backdrop for lush greenery.

For a more exotic look, combine it with artisan blues, whites, and metallics.


For further information: Velvet Luxe Information Sheet

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