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Artisan Paint Recipe Luxuriously Textured & Rustic

Artisan Paint Recipe Luxuriously Textured & Rustic


Create a Vintage Luxe look with a little bit of glam and interesting way to distress. Using all Artisan paints products, view the details in the downloadable PDF file below.


  1. Chalk paint your piece with loads of texture using a Staalmeester 3600 brush.  We used Potters Clay Premium chalk paint
  2. Make a mix of 50/50 water and Carbon Black Premium chalk paint. This will be very runny and thin. Paint over the Potters Clay paint with this mix
  3. Sand your piece lightly with a high grit sandpaper to expose some of the Potters Clay paint and raised bits showing through, do as little or as much as your like according to taste.
  4. Mix some Carbon Black Premium chalk paint into Dark Wax  and wax your piece as normal, using a strong rubbing motion, this will remove some of the thin layer of Carbon Black as well, this is called wax distressing
  5. Add highlights with touches of Gold gilding wax or one of the Gold Creme metallic paints
  6. Voila!


Products Used


Click here to download PDF SHEET


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