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Artisan Paint Recipe Fresh Light & Airy with Imperial Linen

Artisan Paint Recipe Fresh Light & Airy with Imperial Linen


Create a French feel in Fresh Airy and light Classic Grey tones.

View and download the look and details in the downloadable PDF file below.


  1. Chalk paint your piece with very subtle texture. We used Artisan Imperial Linen and a 2020 Staalmeester brush
  2. Create three coloured waxes with your clear wax and then using Clubhouse Grey, Seamist and another with Potters Clay.  Topcoat your piece using all of the waxes to create some some lowlights and highlights using a 3600 Staalmeester brush
  3. Create some beautiful luxe highlights on your piece using Artisan Soft gold metallic creme and a small brush
  4. Voila!

Products Used


  • Imperial Linen Premium Chalk Paint
  • Staalmeester 2020 paint brush
  • Clear Wax high performing
  • Clubhouse Grey Premium Chalk Paint
  • Sea Mist Premium Chalk Paint
  • Potters Clay Premium Chalk Paint
  • Staalmeester 3600 brush - for waxing
  • Artisan soft gold metallic creme


Click here to download your PDF Instructions

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