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Premium Satin Lacquer

Premium Satin Lacquer



Sheen levels : Matte 4 - 6%, Satin 10- 15%, Gloss 80 - 90% 

The Artisan Company Lacquer is a premium clear, non yellowing protective top coat. Ideal for those projects which need greater protection than just wax, such as coffee or dining  tables and designed to be used over our range of paints to create a durable, wipe-able, water resistant surface with your chosen sheen levels. Available in Matte, Satin & Gloss they are all virtually odourless and very low in VOC's.

Size: 500ml  or 2 litre 

Typical Uses :

  • For exterior/interior surfaces over Artisanal Paints & Chalk Paints where a durable clear top coat finish is required
  • To create a specific sheen level over a paint finish or for creating premium durability on high use items
  • Can also be used on other prepared surfaces such as raw wood, native wooden trims Rimu/ Kauri etc, window frames, doors, furniture etc.
  • Can be used where alykd (oil based) paints would be used used for durability. Contains blocking resistance making it suitable for windows and doors (prevents against sticking and transfer) and is non yellowing
  • Can also be used as a stain/ tannin  blocker on furniture prior to painting
  • As a top coat over floors painted in our paints with abrasion resistance to help against marking

All of our lacquers are low in VOC's, with low toxicity, ensuring environmental issues are not compromised. Formulated using high quality ingredients together with leading technology in NZ for a premium high performing lacquer that is durable, reduces mould, mildew & algae attack  for outdoors and is water resistant . Allowing you to create stunning decorative paint finishes that are not only beautiful but also highly functional both indoors and outdoors

Product data sheet can be downloaded here

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