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ReDesign by Prima floral transfers and how to use them

Written by Carla Lowe


Posted on May 07 2018

Recently we have had some new transfers come into the store called ReDesign by Prima. I’ve tried them out and really love them so wanted to share with you how I’ve used them and how they work.

We have brought in four different styles and they are all floral. There are other styles available which we will bring in over time. They’re rub-on transfers for furniture and they’re quite large. They all arrive in a tube and each transfer comes in multiple pieces so you can use them all together on one project, or break them up to use on a variety of projects.

Customers always ask where I find all my furniture pieces and the answer is everywhere! The best advice I can give is to pop in anywhere if you’re driving past. Op shops and markets are a treasure trove of goodies, this project [in the video] was made from glass doors from an old cabinet that I found at a local market.

The Redesign transfers are very easy to use as they easily rub on.

  1. Place the transfer onto the glass (or painted surface) and tape it down on one end.
  2. Remove the backing paper
  3. Begin to rub quite hard on the top layer and it will begin to transfer.
  4. To check if it’s coming off correctly, lift the top layer and you will see if it’s adhered to the surface or still on the top layer. If it hasn’t transferred yet, continue to rub harder.
  5. Once they are all transferred (I found these ones quite easy to do), you take the top layer or paper off and dispose of it.

You can style your piece however you like – in this example, I have used a paint effect and added some moulds to the frame using metallic gilding to highlight them. This project only used one of the three pieces that came in the tube, so the others can be used for other projects.

These transfers are really lovely and will lend themselves easily to lots of different types of projects. They’re on the website now under Transfers.

I look forward to seeing the results of your work – as always feel free to share with me via email or Facebook.




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