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Champagne Waltz Sideboard step by step tutorial

Written by Carla Lowe


Posted on January 04 2019

I have been waiting for the right piece to use the Imperial Garden transfer on and I knew I wanted it to be symmetrical but showcase the flower imagery on each side differently.
Here is my step by step process to create this piece:
* I cleaned my piece well with sugar soap and water and a good rinse off, and a slight sand just on the top to even out the original finish
* Paint in a slightly textured way all over using Champagne Waltz Vintro chalk paint, 2 coats and a little touch up only required for good coverage. I used s straight edge synthetic brush for this 
* A light sand to even out the texture a little especially on the doors where my transfer was going, and some distressing to the sideboard edges
* A good dust down using a damp cloth as transfers do NOT like dust
* Work out positioning of my transfer on each door, I dummied this up by taping it into position until I was happy and I had lots left over for a different project
* Cut transfer to size
* Rub transfer on
* Added in a few flowing pieces to each door transfer to balance out the design
* Rub down any fluffy transfer bits once complete with clean hands
* Finish entire piece in Crystal coloured wax by mixing clear wax and crystal vintro paint, see my tutorial under the tutorial tab to see how I do this.
Voila! Complete! 



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