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How to Image Transfer using your inkjet Printer

Written by Carla Lowe


Posted on January 05 2018

I have posted a few pictures recently on my social media of my image transfer jars and bee chest and had lots of queries on where to buy the transfers. What I use is images I have purchased or found electronically and printed on my standard PC at home.

Here is the process I take to Image Transfer:


  • Paint jars with Vintage paint, wait until dry, overnight is best
  • Using my normal home inkjet printer I print the images I want
  • I use pc software to print them back to front if they had writing on them
  • I then glued them using Liquitex matte gel face down onto my jar. You can use mod podge to start with too, but i have had more success with the gel which I am trying to source to sell in the shoppe. 
  • Press out any bubbles
  • Wait overnight until totally dry
  • Blot the dried, glued image with water until damp and gently roll away the paper until you just have your image left

This is called image transfer. A fairly long process but I love how the images turn out old and worn as if they have been on there for ages, maybe years. To protect them I clear coated with Voodoo Molly clear coat over the top. It has taken me a while to perfect this but I am really happy with how they turn out for me now . If you try this process yourself I would love to see your completed projects






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