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Iron Orchid Decor Stamping on Furniture

Written by Carla Lowe


Posted on December 04 2017

The large format Iron Orchid Decor stamps are a perfect size to create you own collated image on furniture pieces and you can use them to decorate your furniture.

I have used part of the Laurel stamp and the Letters stamp on this piece. This is over vintage paint, which just needs a bit of practice to get a good image.

Here are some tips:

  • don't move your stamp around when stamping
  • make sure what you are stamping is perfectly flat
  • don't use too much ink on your stamp pad
  • paint can be used on the stamps, apply with a small sponge roller
  • let the ink dry overnight on vintage paint
  • "season your stamps" when you first get them
  • Ink will dry more quickly on chalk based paint as it is porous
  • clean your stamps with baby wipes immediately and then more thoroughly once you have finished stamping
  • seal with a good quality non yellowing poly


Have Fun!!





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